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Lakkars is a brand for quality dress material for Couture , Professional PhotoShoots for occasions and auditions , Professional Digital Marketing team , all in one place. Come if you really find the quality in the service than only join your hands with Us. 100% customer satisfaction is our main agenda of LAKKAR'S Company. Lakkars Brand is best specializes in fashion, portfolio, celebrity, advertising, commercial, beauty pageant Hyderabad, India and Abroad countries. Whether you’re a stylist, makeup artist, fashion photographer or model, Our Company will help you stand out to clients and collaborators. If you’re a model working freelance or looking to attract agency attention, a well-designed modeling portfolio that shows off your best looks can really advance your career. No matter what kind of modeling experience you have, selecting images that highlight your strengths proves that you’re serious about your modeling career.

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Model PhotoShoots

We combine our fashion industry expertise with a mission to empower you to be your best self in front of the camera. Aspiring fashion model, it’s our goal to create visual legacies that resonate for years to come. Want to become a model? Our Company will help you make your high-heeled mark with a stunning model portfolio that gets you to mark an important and transformational milestone. Lakkars offers all the tools and guidance you need to put your best face forward.

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Ad Film Shoots

Among the finest Ad film production companies in Hyderabad, Lakkars entertainment is at the forefront of corporate business presentation solutions. The experienced team and also giving importance to fresh talent among advertising agencies totally identifies what would appeal to your prospective customers and target audience. Highly creative concept that’s enlivened by memorable elements such as sharp visuals, right angles, subtle performances and memorable music.

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Fashion Designers

Lakkars is one of the leading names in the field of fashion. We have a group of reputed experts, working in this category. Our team is operating both bigger and smaller fashion houses, which are hard for you to miss. We are known for their absolute commitment to the client delivery services. And that’s the main reason for the rapid growth of our popularity level. Our team of fashion headhunters is glad to offer you with competent help, Our commitment always lies in excellence.

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